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What is a Rehab Hospital?

The goals of our rehab facility is to improve your quality of life by assisting you or your loved ones to become as independent as possible and return home. We provide care for patients needing help to recover from injuries, illness, or surgical operations. Through state of the art equipment and other tailored amenities we create a place that is ideal for recovery. Our rehab staff is an experienced multidisciplinary team that develops the most appropriate treatment setting to create a supportive environment for the patient and family.

What to bring to the hospital?

Upon initial admission you may bring comfortable and familiar items from home: night wear/robe/pajamas, undergarments, grooming articles. You will need daytime clothing that you would normally wear at home: comfortable slacks or sweat suits, shorts button or pullover shirts or blouse, rubber-soled shoes/tennis shoes, socks, warm sweater or jacket, hangers, etc. Make sure that your personal items are clearly labeled with your name. Dirty or soiled clothes should be taken home and laundered routinely. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that their loved one has clean clothes at all times throughout the hospital stay. Please leave all valuables at home. Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

What are the hospital‘s accommodations?

Our patient rooms are equipped with a television, closets, telephones, and accessible bathroom. In certain circumstances a member of the family or personal sitter may stay with the patient during the initial admission transition process; however, there is limited space for overnight guests. Each private room is equipped with a chair that converts into a sleeper couch, and each semi-private room is equipped with a recliner. Please notify the nursing staff if you anticipate staying overnight with your loved one. A pillow and blanket(s) will be provided at that time. Overnight stays may be terminated with reasonable notices should space by needed or patient privacy becomes a concern.

How is medication handled?

Our pharmacy will provide all your prescribed medication. Any medication from home should be given to the nurse for identification upon admission and then sent home with a family member. You should not be taking medication other than what the doctor has prescribed for you while you are a patient here. Upon discharge, our pharmacy will not provide home prescriptions.

Is smoking allowed?

Designated times for smoking is determined by the care or treatment you are receiving and the availability of a staff member to accompany you if family members are not able to accompany you outdoors. As part of the continuing effort to provide quality healthcare and comply with accreditation policies, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE HOSPITAL. A smoking area is provided outside in the rear of the hospital (at least 25ft. from the door) for patients and visitors.

What is the meal plan?

Our registered dietician plans your meals with the physician to comply with your specific medical needs. They will explain the menu and discuss any concerns you may have about food service. Patient menus are distributed on Fridays for the next week. Guest can purchase a meal ticket with the front receptionist desk.

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