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Transitional Living Assessment (TLA): This is a period of time when the family/caregiver comes in to assist the patient with all needs including giving medications and all personal needs/mobility.  This period helps to assure that the family/caregiver does not need any additional training or assistance with caring for the patient. This assessment occurs close to the time of discharge and is also optional.

Therapy Evaluations: Each patient is evaluated by each discipline, PT, OT & ST. Each patient will continue to be seen by PT, OT & ST on an as indicated basis. The evaluations take place the day after a patient is admitted into our facility. The evaluations consist of many questions and tests to determine the patient’s individual needs. The day after evaluations are completed, treatment will begin, and will consist of 3 hours of strengthening, endurance and functional activities to work towards the specific goals of the patient.

Team Conference: Team conference is a weekly meeting between the attending rehab doctor, therapy team, nurse and case management.  Progress, outcomes, and discharge planning is discussed.

Family Conference: Family conference is a meeting between the patient and his/her family/caregivers with the rehab doctor, therapy director, charge nurse, and case manager. Families/caregivers are updated on their patient’s wellbeing and functional progress. Discharge planning is also discussed. This meeting is arranged at the doctor’s discretion and the patient’s family is notified by case management of when it will occur.

Family Training: Family training is an actual training session between the patient, family/caregivers, therapists, nurses, and case management. During family training with therapy, all mobility is discussed and demonstrated with the family/caregiver learning and demonstrating all techniques required to safely care for their loved one. Training sessions can occur as often as needed for family/caregiver mastery and comfort. The need for equipment to help care for the patient at home will be discussed as well as the possible need for a home evaluation, transitional living assessment period (TLA) and community reentry training (CRT). Therapy family training is followed by nursing family training and case management information.

Home Evaluation: This is when either the PT or OT visits the home the patient will be going to after his/her hospital stay. An assessment is completed and recommendations are given about patient accessibility and changes that may need to occur. This service is optional.

Community Re-entry Training (CRT):  This is an outing for the patient and family/caregiver while the patient is staying at the hospital. This may not occur unless family training has taken place. Patients are not allowed to have the overnight CRTs. There are some insurance companies that do not permit these trainings to occur.

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